Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Glimmer of Excitement Dashed

I have recently become an Il Divo fan. Since Christmas I've bought 2 cd's, picked of the members as my next hero "model", and just been all around silly about them. Last night I mentioned at dinner that they were going to be in Toronto on Feb. 6, but (jokingly) added it was a little far to go for a concert. It's 4 hours by AIR.

Dh says, "How much are tickets? You should go."

I just about choked. "Really?" I practically squealed. In record time I've got ticketmaster up, showing me the best available seats....for less than we paid for our Josh Groban tickets. My mind is racing. My dh works for an airline which means I can fly standby dirt cheap. I am already thinking of asking a friend to come to Toronto to meet me, and we can share a hotel room.

THEN, reality.

Oh yes. I have a job now. How could I have forgotten? And the thing about working for the school board is that you are actually expected to BE there when school is in. Granted I'm only part time, but I also know we don't have a spare to fill in for me when I'm gone. I can't help it if I have to take a sick day, but I can't really in all conscience ask for 2 days off to gallivant to see four body-meltingly handsome men sing, and sing, and sing... If only they were playing Toronto 2 weeks later - during Teacher's Convention!

Ah well, it was exciting while the thought lasted. And the fact that dh was willing to let me go, well that was just TOOO cool.


  1. GO BABE! Its the BOYS!!!! C'mon... consider it a research trip....

  2. Crap, of all the times to be too honest....but I'd feel horrendously guilty the whole time. Well, almost the whole time.

    LOL I was still so excited this morning I forgot my little pink buddy on this post!