Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Editors and spelling bees

After visiting subcare on e-harl this morning, I am sure that editors are tackling the new year with renewed vigor. At least 4 rejections this week, and it's only Wednesday morning! Meanwhile, all is quiet on the Donna front. Too quiet. Dammit.

My eldest, who is 7, has a spelling bee today. The National Can-Spell contest is only for grades 3-6, but the school has allowed grade one and two students to participate.

However I do not believe they gave different words to the lower grades. Because my daughter who is in grade 2, came home with words that my husband can't even spell. Words that I, a writer, actually had to look up in the dictionary. Words with 5 and 6 syllables.

My husband wasn't happy....he said that they were SO hard that it was a sure fire way to discourage kids and destroy their morale. Give them a task they have no chance of succeeding at. There's challenging (like the top 1/3 of the sheet, which she aced) and then there's just insurmountable - like the word eccentricity. Or phlegmatic. There were probably 50 words of that difficulty on a sheet of 110.

Funny enough, though, she got perambulating on the first try. LOL She is very good at breaking down words into syllables and going from there.

Anyway she is sure she's going to suck at the bee today at lunch time. And she's probably right if those are the words that are going around....however I told her the most important thing is to participate and to see what a spelling bee is all about so she has some idea for next year.

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