Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Wee Peeve

A few weeks ago there was an article in a weekly feature to our newspaper. It was on our local RWA chapter and included huge pictures of the founder and a couple of the published authors.

I do not belong to this group. I went to one of the first meetings and while I enjoyed it, it was a long drive, the dues were A LOT for a SAHM, and I was worried that I'd get so wrapped up in chapter business that it would distract me from actual WRITING. I knew of others in the group who dribbled out a manuscript every year or two, but always had time for articles, workshops, etc....I didn't want to use that sort of distraction as a procrastination technique. Not only that, but the meetings were not in my area of town and the first one took me 45 min to get to in horrible weather. I did not want another evening taken away from my kids and husband.

When I called the then president to tell her I wasn't joining, she said I should consider it again when "I got serious about my writing."

It pissed me off. I did not think, then or now, that she should make such a judgement. Then in her interview in this paper she made the comment about dues and how much they are, saying that they "weed out the wannabees".

I am not a wannabe. I am a writer who is serious about her writing. I have been working, writing and submitting manuscripts for 4 1/2 years. I have two published critique partners to keep me on my toes. I have other support systems in place and I firmly believe that when the time is right I WILL be published. Just because I do not belong to the local RWA chapter does NOT mean I am not serious.

I am on my school council. We are constantly trying to get parents out to meetings. I wouldn't be very effective if in my newsletter article I said, "If you don't come you must not be much of a parent." People wouldn't come just out of spite! But that's just what this woman has done.

OK. My wee peeve is over and I have to get back to my frivolous, un-serious edits, so I can mail my third requested full this year.


  1. Oh, my. Wow - so sorry you had that experience. I was president of my chapter for two years, and we had a lot of people who had issues with dues. RWA IS expensive. I'm a SAHM, too - so I can relate.

    I'm not sure when money became an indicator of serious intent. Writing is an indicator of serious intent.

  2. Hi Jill! Thanks for popping by! And for your comments. I agree...writing is the best indicator. I'm always willing to work and learn.

    The problem with RWA dues is that you have national dues and then chapter dues, which add up. For me it was getting close to $200 a year, plus gas and then workshop fees, etc....

    Anyway nice to see you here!

  3. Grrrrrr, Donna! I'm with you!

  4. Wow, Donna- the president sounds like a bitch. LOL to put it bluntly.

    Money and seriousness about writing have nothing in common, and frankly neither does attending RWA meetings. LOL I probably would have looked her up and told ehr so, then proceeded to tell her that she could kiss my ass and I would send her a signed copy of my published book LOL Grrr. people like that really are morons.