Friday, December 30, 2005

This and that

Christmas we survived. I'm in a constant state of "Oh my God I'm full". The house is getting back to normal, when suddenly up goes the cry: "I need a bucket."

Please. I thought we'd passed all this 2 weeks ago after both girls got sick. I'm thinking it's got to be something she ate (that we all ate). We really haven't gone ANYWHERE since school let out. Drove to Banff 2 days ago and had lunch, but people contact was at a severe minimum.

SO for the third grocery day in a row, my husband is getting groceries. I haven't bought groceries since sometime around the first of November. And I'm always the one that gets SICK duty.

Anyway happy new year, and I'll check back in next week.


  1. Sick duty must be a mother thing...I've been doing it often for the past two months and not just with the little guys :)

    I hope they feel better soon.

  2. {{{hugs}}}, Donna -- that's rough, and no more so than around a holiday. :/

    I'm madly knocking on any solid surface around me -- we haven't been hit with anything, thank God.

    Of course, last winter more than made up for that. Ick.

    I hope everyone feels better soon -- and that you're able to have a great New Year's Eve!


  3. Hope everyone feels better! I'm at the point where I'd rather do ANYTHING than go to the grocery store.