Monday, December 12, 2005

A Spectacular Wipeout

I fell today, hit some ice and wham! Complete with airtime. Landed on my hip and elbow and had the breath knocked out of me. Really quite funny now but at the time my daughter was quite worried. It was my own fault of course. After I got home I called my husband and he laughed, then said, "Oh, I mean are you OK?" Cheeky bugger.

Had a great weekend though. Did all sorts of crafty-stuff with the kids, got some SLEEP, watched a Christmas movie with the girls last I'm ready to tackle my week.

With a hobble, of course. Stupid Ice.

On the way home I also had a line jump out at me. "It's a proven fact that bad boys get all the action." I've been throwing the idea of a biker-type hero around for the Modern Extra ms I'm planning.....and that's a perfect first line. I have a basic premise all worked out.....with thanks to Biddy for an idea several months ago and also to Jamie Bamber for the gorgeous pic from Peak Practice. I only have to mail this full and finish the other before I can start it. But it's nice to have ideas in the hopper.

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