Thursday, December 15, 2005

On the Third Day of Christmas.....a Proud Mom

First things first- the eye candy. I've decided to try to link all my bt's. First day was Ioan Gruffudd, who is linked to Jamie Bamber as costars in Hornblower. Today's bt is the talented Damian Lewis, star of Band of Brothers (in which Jamie also appeared, making the link). I had never seen him before and didn't even realize he was English until watching the bonus materials. He WAS Dick Winters. Since then I've seen him in both Forsyte Sagas and in Dreamcatcher. I'd really like to see Keane too.

So, without further ado, here's My Favorite Redhead .

I am a proud mom today. My oldest missed her Christmas Concert last night. She went to school yesterday for the dress rehearsal as she was feeling better, but we got there 5 min too late and she missed her class. I figured she'd be in tears but she did ok. She made it through the day ok but after school came home and threw up all over the living room. We cleaned up (yuck) and put her in the tub, and after a bit I went in to talk to her. We both said the timing of being sick just sucked. I told her if she was feeling better after she got out we could probably go to the concert, since her class was first she could do her bit and we could come right home. She had one of 6 speaking parts in her class. But she said no, it wouldn't be fair to the others if she took her germs in and made other kids sick. She was positive on that.

Later I said it was a good thing she'd missed the dress rehearsal because it gave her classmate a chance to practice and now he was ready to do the part in the performance. Her response? That she was glad he would get a chance to do it since he didn't get chosen for a speaking part.

I was surprised and so pleased at how she made such a mature decision. It was unselfish of her and she didn't do it with a lot of drama either. It hurt to see her so disappointed. If she hadn't handled it so well I wouldn't have felt so bad.

My other daughter also said if she had one wish it would have been to make her sister feel better.

I know I'm bragging about my kids, but so many times I blog about my parental complaints and not the times that they really do me proud.

Here's hoping that we remain vomit free because my youngest's concert is tonight and it would be nice to make ONE of them. :-)

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  1. Oh Donna! What awesome kids you have. :-) Hope the sick one feels better soon and the other one doesn't get sick. (((hugs)))