Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On the first day of Christmas....

In keeping with the boy toy extravaganza on e-harlequin in the Mouse and Pen and in Tanya's Spa, I thought I'd hold my own 12 Days of Christmas pic-fest right here.

So, in honour of Liz Fielding, here's a lovely Welshman to get things started.

I have the paper lined up for the printer....here's hoping this ms makes it INTO the envelope today! At least I'm getting REALLY close. I'm not thinking about the synopsis. Do you suppose they'd miss it if I didn't put it in? It can't be any worse than reading and thinking "What the...."

My husband is SO sabotaging my waistline. Last night he made orange spice shortbread. Oh. My. Christmas treats are DEADLY!

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