Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eight Maids a Milking

I'm not milking, but it IS day 8.

Life continues to be busy. Husband and I seem to have escaped the bug but several of my lunchroom kids have been ill and so I know I'm not out of the woods. Still washing my hands fanatically, sucking on echinacea drops and taking my b vitamins! This week I thought things were going to settle down....ha ha ha ha! Yesterday I decided I was NOT going to write until after Christmas. I'd just get started and have to stop anyway and I am giving myself PERMISSION to take a break. I haven't taken one really since July, so perhaps I'm due.

Last night I had to run out to pick up last minute items like lightbulbs and dv tapes. Yesterday I spent most of my day at the school. We had an emergency council meeting and we are also putting together 510 craft kits- one for every kid in the school. Brought some home and lovely husband cut out I don't know how many foam shapes for snowmen. However things being what they are I'm planning on spending the whole day at school today working on them. Tonight is finishing laundry and wrapping 3 items. Tomorrow we put all the kits together for the teachers and tomorrow night I'm supposed to be singing in the high school christmas concert along with some fellow choir members. Thursday I'm at the school all day volunteering in addition to working. And Friday is the staff potluck at noon. Hubby took the afternoon off to watch the kids since school is out at lunchtime and I have the potluck after that.

I didn't mention looking after a friend's son because he is so good you hardly notice he's here.

Oh and 2 friends are "popping" by to pick up gifts.

Me, stressed? Hah.

Ok. So for all that I need a hot man to rescue me. I'm going to venture into Soap territory for this one.... Rick Hearst.

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