Thursday, December 15, 2005

Death doesn't stop for Christmas

I'm going through lots of Kleenex right now.

One of my students was killed this morning along with her sister. They were 6 and 4 years old and victims of a housefire.

She was cute and energetic and a little mischevious. Even when I had to be hard on her one day in class, she always had a smile and hug for me and told me she wanted to get me a nice present for Christmas.

Firefighters found their bodies while going through the house. My prayer is that the smoke got to them first and that they didn't suffer. The thought of those little girls......the problem is I can imagine how it would feel to lose my own and I'm just devastated for that family. It just seems so very wrong somehow. I cannot reconcile that happy, bouncy little girl with death. She's supposed to be at school today practicing for her concert tonight.

An older boy upstairs survived, a classmate of my dd2. The parents didn't appear to be home, it looks like they were in the care of an older relative but I don't have those details yet.

I have to try to get myself together because I have to be at work at 11:30 and don't want to scare the kids. I'm sure we'll all have a good cry at our after-lunch meeting. And I'll get better details then. The police were in the office with admin when I left this morning. I'm sure counsellors will be on hand for staff and students. But it's going to be a hard day.


  1. Sending you lots and lots of hugs.

  2. ((((Donna)))) Lots of hugs and prayers, hun.

  3. Donna this is too awful! Hopefully I'll get a chat to you really soon!! Keep your chin up and hug those two hunnies of yours real tight for me.

    H's & K's as always

  4. {{{{{{{{DONNA}}}}}}}}}

    I just can't imagine the pain you're feeling.