Friday, December 23, 2005

Day 11!

I've picked a special BT for today. He's an athlete, a gentleman and one of the bravest guys I know of. And to top it off, he's modest, and blushes.

Lance Armstrong

So, about my day yesterday. I helped lead carols at the school which was a blast, and my daughter and I played a piano duet - Silent Night. She did such a great job, I was so proud. All through the day we both got so many compliments I'm surprised our heads could fit through the door. I was happy for her though since she was so nervous. At the end of the assembly we had a memorial for the little girl that died last week. It was very emotional and several of us cried. It was touching though and I am so impressed with how the principal handled the whole crisis. She was a complete rock.

I volunteered for an hour in my eldest's class, then went to do lunch room.

That, my friends, was another story. My vcr didn't work- no movie. My own daughter left to go to the bathroom without asking and I couldn't find her. I was mad AND mortified. THEN I had a sick girl who had to go home, so I was in and out trying to make arrangements. My kids were wound up and every time I came back in it was bedlam. At the end they missed some of their outdoor time since I was waiting to talk to them. It was the lunchroom day from hell, but oh well.

Another elementary school provided lunch for us yesterday so after classes were back in, all the lunch supervisors went to the staff room and we had a nice, QUIET lunch together. Then I volunteered in the afternoon Kindergarten class while my youngest was invited to watch the Polar Express with her sister's grade 2 class.

The other nice thing that happened was that the principal paid me some very nice compliments, saying she was so happy I was on staff, etc. that just made me feel so good. I have never worked anywhere before where the atmosphere was so supportive. It is great.

So now I've got my casserole in the oven for the potluck today and's housecleaning and enjoying the season. I helped with caroling again this morning and it was a blast, but put me WAY behind.

I hope to post day 12 tomorrow, if I'm late I hope all of you have a fantabulous holiday with lots of rest, friends and goodness.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. I can totally relate to the supportive atmosphere, because I've been in a place that was anything BUT.

    I am surprised your kids are still in school - I've been out a week already!

    Merry Christmas!