Friday, November 25, 2005

Writing, Schmiting

A morning of writing indeed.

I spent my morning speaking on the phone to school principal and making daycare arrangements and also my husband.

I spent my morning doing all the banking and getting terribly excited about finding $50 in my wallet. I am thinking I had it earmarked for something but cannot remember WHAT! Will not spend until significant time has passed and I'm sure I don't need it for something else. LOL.

I spent my morning catching up on e-mails and other messages, and writing the school council minutes from last Tuesday's meeting and also writing up the article for the school newsletter, due today.

I made my kids chocolate chip pancakes and got dressed at 11:45. Just when the pile of "stuff" was abating, my employment package came from the school board and there are so many forms to fill out that I thought it was a manuscript being returned. Swear to God.

I am working probably another 2 days at the full time hours, and was approached yesterday about working a lunchroom on a permanent basis. It would start next Thursday probably and is 2 hours a day. Much more in line with my schedule - as I would still have my mornings to write.

Ok. So once my forms are filled out, it's back to this manuscript. My schedule has been too crazy for long enough. Time to get serious.

I'll do that right after I pick up milk, mail letters, fold laundry, go to school on day off to photocopy.....

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