Sunday, November 20, 2005

My first week

I survived my first week, although there is a whole other set of challenges to the position that I wasn't prepared for. By the end of the week though I seemed to get a handle on the routine and did fine.

The teachers I'm working with have asked me to stay but I don't think I'm taking the contract. I miss my time with my daughter, and this is the last 8 months I've got with her as next year she's in school full days. Also my writing time has suffered severely, my weekend, which is normally odd jobs and fun stuff with the kids, has been nothing but grocery shopping and housework. And I'm TIRED! LOL I am in awe of working moms out there and how they manage to do everything.

It's a matter of lifestyle and priorities. I try to keep my life uncluttered, and my kids always always come first. Not only would my youngest have daycare, but both of them miss out on cool fun time with mom. And my husband gets what's left of me at the end of the day. Our conversations this week consisted of "zzzzzzzzzzz".

Even if I don't take the contract I'll be on the list to sub as lunchroom supervisor, which could bring in some fun $$$ occasionally, and wouldn't take away time from writing OR with the kids. That was the original intention.

I am also in awe of teachers right now. Being in the classroom day in and day out is HARD WORK. And whoever said teachers only work 5 hours a day is WRONG. I saw this when volunteering as well....those people who crap on teachers should spend a couple of days in the classroom to see how hard they really work and also see the volume of work that goes home at night.

Ok. So next week I'll be back, if not sooner. I'm finishing up my first round of edits this afternoon.


  1. Sorry it didn't work out exactly as you expected, but it is good that you will now be on their reserve list.

  2. Don't be sorry. It's been a good experience and some great bonus money - I've got 2 more weeks....but I'm not sorry I did it as for one thing it makes me TOTALLY appreciate the life I *normally* lead!!!!!!!!!