Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A day without speech....

Saturday night my voice started to go, got worse Sunday and yesterday I woke up to none at all. It was a whisper or a squeak.

Now, working with 35 6 year olds requires speech. Sometimes at a substantial volume. So before class started, I told everyone that they'd have to raise their hand and listen VERY CAREFULLY if they wanted my attention yesterday. The one student that takes the most "verbal instruction" was absent so that helped. By mid-afternoon I was improving to a hoarse but understandable croak. Today I just sound like I have a chest cold, so it's getting better. I've never had laryngitis before and it is quite interesting. Of course all the staff made great fun of me, especially when I went to call out after a student and sounded like a 14 year old boy in the throes of puberty. Ha, ha.

Talking is like breathing to me as those on here who know me can attest. So only being able to whisper, or refraining from making conversation was difficult!

Three days left this week - no school Friday because of Parent/Teacher conferences, and I'm doing mine with the teachers today and Thursday. I am looking forward to a morning of writing!!!!

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  1. So, do you sound like a phone sex operator yet? ;)