Friday, November 25, 2005

Writing, Schmiting

A morning of writing indeed.

I spent my morning speaking on the phone to school principal and making daycare arrangements and also my husband.

I spent my morning doing all the banking and getting terribly excited about finding $50 in my wallet. I am thinking I had it earmarked for something but cannot remember WHAT! Will not spend until significant time has passed and I'm sure I don't need it for something else. LOL.

I spent my morning catching up on e-mails and other messages, and writing the school council minutes from last Tuesday's meeting and also writing up the article for the school newsletter, due today.

I made my kids chocolate chip pancakes and got dressed at 11:45. Just when the pile of "stuff" was abating, my employment package came from the school board and there are so many forms to fill out that I thought it was a manuscript being returned. Swear to God.

I am working probably another 2 days at the full time hours, and was approached yesterday about working a lunchroom on a permanent basis. It would start next Thursday probably and is 2 hours a day. Much more in line with my schedule - as I would still have my mornings to write.

Ok. So once my forms are filled out, it's back to this manuscript. My schedule has been too crazy for long enough. Time to get serious.

I'll do that right after I pick up milk, mail letters, fold laundry, go to school on day off to photocopy.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A day without speech....

Saturday night my voice started to go, got worse Sunday and yesterday I woke up to none at all. It was a whisper or a squeak.

Now, working with 35 6 year olds requires speech. Sometimes at a substantial volume. So before class started, I told everyone that they'd have to raise their hand and listen VERY CAREFULLY if they wanted my attention yesterday. The one student that takes the most "verbal instruction" was absent so that helped. By mid-afternoon I was improving to a hoarse but understandable croak. Today I just sound like I have a chest cold, so it's getting better. I've never had laryngitis before and it is quite interesting. Of course all the staff made great fun of me, especially when I went to call out after a student and sounded like a 14 year old boy in the throes of puberty. Ha, ha.

Talking is like breathing to me as those on here who know me can attest. So only being able to whisper, or refraining from making conversation was difficult!

Three days left this week - no school Friday because of Parent/Teacher conferences, and I'm doing mine with the teachers today and Thursday. I am looking forward to a morning of writing!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

My first week

I survived my first week, although there is a whole other set of challenges to the position that I wasn't prepared for. By the end of the week though I seemed to get a handle on the routine and did fine.

The teachers I'm working with have asked me to stay but I don't think I'm taking the contract. I miss my time with my daughter, and this is the last 8 months I've got with her as next year she's in school full days. Also my writing time has suffered severely, my weekend, which is normally odd jobs and fun stuff with the kids, has been nothing but grocery shopping and housework. And I'm TIRED! LOL I am in awe of working moms out there and how they manage to do everything.

It's a matter of lifestyle and priorities. I try to keep my life uncluttered, and my kids always always come first. Not only would my youngest have daycare, but both of them miss out on cool fun time with mom. And my husband gets what's left of me at the end of the day. Our conversations this week consisted of "zzzzzzzzzzz".

Even if I don't take the contract I'll be on the list to sub as lunchroom supervisor, which could bring in some fun $$$ occasionally, and wouldn't take away time from writing OR with the kids. That was the original intention.

I am also in awe of teachers right now. Being in the classroom day in and day out is HARD WORK. And whoever said teachers only work 5 hours a day is WRONG. I saw this when volunteering as well....those people who crap on teachers should spend a couple of days in the classroom to see how hard they really work and also see the volume of work that goes home at night.

Ok. So next week I'll be back, if not sooner. I'm finishing up my first round of edits this afternoon.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Behavioral Interviews

Survived the mandatory interview. Have decided to hate the phrases "What would you do if..." and "tell me about a time when...". LOL Still, one step closer to getting on the payroll.

Even if the contract doesn't go to me, I'll have an employee number and can get other short term jobs as they come up, so I'm happy with that.

And day care isn't looking as expensive as I thought. Especially since it's only a little over three hours.

I took the weekend off from revisions, but the laptop will be coming out again tonight.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Is it really like riding a bike?

I'm deep in revisions, but that's not the topic of today's entry.

It looks as I'll be returning to the world of the working next week - for the first time in 8 years! It's only a temporary position for 2-3 weeks but could turn into more if I decide I want to pursue it.

I am pretty nervous, and a little guilty of putting my youngest in daycare for 4 hours a day - her school day is only 1/2 day. She's much happier with it than I am. LOL I think it's because I've always been home that it just feels wrong.

Anyway updates as they come - and I'll post on how I'm finding revisions, working and a family all mashed together!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I can see the finish line....

I am in the homestretch. I have the last chapter done, the proposal I wanted and an epilogue left to write. I'll still be short words, but the layering will take care of a lot of that. But I'm determined not to THINK of how hard the revisions and edits are going to be.

In other news....

No other news. My life is boring. Oh and my husband got a raise. LOL

Thursday, November 03, 2005


It's too early for Christmas.

Don't get me wrong it's my favorite holiday and I DO have a lot of my shopping done, at least for all the out of town people which is just about everyone in our families!

But yesterday we woke up to an inch or so of snow, and when I went to the school this morning, our next door neighbour had a wreath on her front door.

It's just too early for that. I'm still recovering from Halloween!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Would you have regrets?

I was in the middle of my run yesterday which is always a great time for thinking. And I got a little profound on myself.

If any of you died tomorrow, would you have regrets?

Then I got to thinking, there are two kinds of regrets. Regrets that you didn't do some of the things you really wanted to do, and regrets that you didn't live the life you wanted to live.

I don't have many regrets on the last. Sure, there are things I want to do. I want to travel, for one. I want to see my kids graduate, get married, have babies. That's all stuff I can't control and that are based on time. But am I living the life I want to live? You betcha.

I'm not published, but I'm happy working towards that goal. I can't make a publisher buy my work, but I can strive each day to write something that they may buy. I am doing the "job" that I want to do, that makes me happy. My calling, if you will. I am also a stay at home mom which is the best and worst job in the world! But I wouldn't have it any other way. I have absolutely NO regrets about staying home with my girls. It was the right decision and I'm happy that I get to be involved in their school and do all the things that working moms wish they could. My life is where I want it to be (without the publishing contract, but again, not something I can control).

If I died tomorrow I'd miss things that I was looking forward to, and I'd hate leaving my kids without a mother, but I wouldn't wish I'd done something different with my life. There's a whole load of comfort in that!