Thursday, October 20, 2005


I often write with a soundtrack.

There's a song, or a cd, or just a genre that will speak to me, that seems to match my characters, their feelings, struggles, their pain. One ms I listened to the Band of Brothers cd for the entire three months plus. Another was Josh Groban's second album. My hero was fluent in Italian, and there's lots of that thanks to Mr. Groban. For the WIP I have been working on, I have a playlist with a mix of country.

I didn't, however, have one for the WIP I'm trying to finish up for Avalon.

When I sat down to write today, I wanted music. So I went through the cd cabinet to see if anything jumped out at me. What I landed on was Richard Marx's album "Flesh and Bone". Yes, I listen to just about everything, which is kinda cool, I think. Like my characters, I listen to whatever seems to speak to me. I found the perfect track for my character's conflict. It's entitled "Surrender to Me" and is a duet with Laura Fabian. My characters are old lovers, forced into a situation where they have to face their past and scared to try again.

I am inspired.

Do any of you write with a "soundtrack"? Do your characters have their own song?

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