Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Why I love (and hate) soap operas

I will admit it - I am a General Hospital Junkie. And before that, it was Another World. I hated it when it went off the air.

Why do I watch soaps? There's something about that bloom of excitement of a new relationship that is addictive. And some of the greatest lines come from soaps. A few weeks ago, Jason, who's lost his memory, listened to his girlfriend Sam talk about when her baby died and he said: "I don't remember you, but now I know why I'd do anything for you."

I live for moments like that.

The flip side of that is the thing I hate about soaps. Soap watchers will forgive almost anything if you give them enough time. Whereas we, as romance writers, have to stay true to our character type, soap writers can take characters and actually change who they are, having them do things that go against all that is true about that character development. I hate that. When they take characters and put them in places that just wouldn't go, it makes me mad.

I wrote a whole chapter today. Unusual for me to produce nearly 15 pages in one sitting, but I'm not going to complain!

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