Monday, October 03, 2005

On replies

One of the things that annoy me most is when people leave me in limbo.

And yes, perhaps I'm a wee bit anal, but not knowing drives me bananas. I am becoming great friends with the "requested reply" button on my e-mail.

I get annoyed when I leave messages for people and they don't return my call. Or when I send e-mails and they don't get replied to. And I'm not talking my "hey, how are ya" e-mails but ones that actually have a relevant purpose.

For example, I had a newsletter article due on Friday at the school. It's my first one, so I e-mailed it. I had talked to the secretary about the content, etc. so in my e-mail I said to please advise me if it wasn't what they were looking for or if she wanted changes. I heard nothing. Which is fine, but I'm a doubting person. Did she actually get it? A quick one line e-mail with "Hey, thanks for being so prompt and it looks fine" would have put me at ease. I have at least 3 other outstanding issues right now that I'm waiting for answers to and have heard NOTHING. Did my messages actually even arrive????

I admit I am an organized person. If not I would not get anything accomplished. Ask my cp - one of the things I LOVE about her is that when I send her a chapter, she'll send me a quickie note saying "I got this. I'll get to it..." and give me an estimated time period. If she's going to be out of town, she'll say next week. But at least I know and I'm not waiting. Michelle you are amazing. I'll say it until you get sick of hearing it.

And I wish these people would get back to me so I'd stop obsessing and be able to concentrate on the WIP a little more!

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