Friday, October 21, 2005

My Zen-like Calm

The title of this entry is dedicated to Julie C - thanks for letting me steal it, Feckless!

I conclude I must have achieved, at some point, Zen-like Calm. Yesterday I received confirmation that an e-mail I sent 4 1/2 months ago arrived. And I laughed. Today I got a rejection from Kensington and I'm not even fizzed about it. When I look at it, I realize I got a personal response from the editor, on a book that was a long shot for them anyway, she told me why she was rejecting it. She also expressed regret at having to reject it because I "do write well".

I want to have my current WIP in the mail by December 1. I am waiting on 2 fulls. And I am calm. Relaxed. Not a stressed bone in my body.

As with most of my moods, this too shall pass and I'm sure I'll panic at some point about the ms or submissions or whatever, but for now, yin and yang are balanced.

I think now I'll go do some yoga. :-)

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  1. Sorry on the R, even if it was a long-shot.