Friday, October 14, 2005

Loss of Momentum

I couldn't expect it to last forever. That frantic, euphoric feeling of words rushing out from my fingertips into my word file. I went crazy this week. Lots and lots of writing.

Then....a stall.

I let it all come out and now have to go back and re-align things, for lack of a better term. Fix the focus. Cut for pace. Tension on every page. I could go on about all the other things that need to be fixed, but I won't. I blame Feckless for this. Her silly crows of doubt are visiting me now. I am the Queen of Sagging Middles. It is just....blah. And I need to fix it before I go on. I am one of those who must know where she's been before she can know where she's going. I could dash out a rough draft, but the thought of going back and having to fix the major things just makes me ill. So I fix the majors now, and worry about the minors when I get to the editing stage.

None of this will happen until Monday though. I'm headachy and tired and must get up some enthusiasm for our 10th anniversary today. I am supposed to be cooking a special dinner, etc., sharing some wine later with the object of my devotion, and right now I'm in yoga pants trying to keep my eyes open. This is a milestone anniversary and deserves a celebration! At least I have surprise gift waiting in the wings!


  1. You'll regain your momentum. Just keep your focus and you'll be fine.

  2. The thought of all the work you've done going for naught is a tough pill to swallow but it's also the pill that will make everything all better in the long run...good luck!

  3. Listen, I TRIED to keep the crows to myself, but if they left me to feast on you, I'm sorry. I'll try to stink more of carrion next time.