Monday, October 03, 2005

Avalon Update

I just read my last post and OMG I AM anal! LOL

I called Avalon this morning about the full ms they have had since last September - the actual subject of my first real blog entry now that I think of it! Anyway I found out that it has been passed up for a second read which is good news. Also it was recommended that I send anything else I might have now instead of waiting to hear back on the first. Since I have a partial ready to go, it's a matter of putting a synopsis and letter together.

In my mailbox was also a thick envelope. It was from Sierra Donovan, Avalon author. Sierra, if you're reading this, you're great. Thanks a million. She sent me M&B notes from RWA Nationals. I love how generous the romance writing community is. Authors, other writers, all ready and willing to share information, resources, opinions. What a great business!

Speaking of, can I say how much I love my job? I spent an evening at the school doing Council stuff and could already sense politics. The only coworker I have is my computer....and we have no personality clashes to worry about!

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