Saturday, October 29, 2005


I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday. Oops! In my defence it has been a crazy week, complete with volunteering at the school and a revolving to-do list. I've scrapped the to-do list- it never ends and it just WAYYYY too depressing.

The WIP has stalled. I was feeling so very blah about it. Nothing seemed to be happening. My tension had disappeared. Some of that is due to me needing to reevaluate character arcs and some is due to the fact that I'm just run ragged and unable to get into it. So in the short term, I figured if all I was writing was total crap, I should try to jump-start my creativity. I wrote 3 - yes 3! BSG fanfictions. They were fun and quite dirty and I enjoyed it. If I don't enjoy writing then my writing sucks. In the midst of writing the explicit stuff, I've been thinking I may try my hand at a more spicy story - once this one and the other WIP are finished, of course. Which translates into sometime in January. :-)

In the long term, things should even out again by Tuesday, once Halloween is over and done. Here's hoping for a banner week next week in terms of word count - I want to have this first draft done in 2 weeks!

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