Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Manuscript Who? and boats

It is true that working on a new project is the best way to get over all the neuroses that accompany sending a manuscript to a publisher.

I am still waiting rather anxiously to find out if my ms actually arrived in Richmond and will breathe a sigh of relief when I get that confirmation letter. And if it doesn't arrive this week then I'll e-mail on Monday. I am hoping the mail is just unusually slow. For one I worked so hard to get this ms out the door and into the requesting editor's hands. And secondly I don't want to have to cough up the international postage AGAIN. :-)

When I was writing it I put a lot of pressure on myself and it was quite nerve wracking. I sent it out the door with all my hopes and dreams for it living quite vividly in my mind. But I'm fickle. What can I say. I'm in love with my new hero and love my heroine, and surprised myself by actually tearing up yesterday as I was writing - and it's only chapter four! I am so excited about the new project that I'm quite blase about the whole "will I get asked for revisions or get the big R" thing. I'm sure that will change as the weeks go by and I know a response is imminent...and it'll fly right out the window when I'm holding the letter in my hands.

But for now, the new WIP sure makes waiting a WHOLE lot easier!

Bamber Droolfest update: watched Bastille Day yesterday. Mmmmm mmmm! Is there anything hotter than a gorgeous, well built fly-boy with principles????

As well I spent last evening helping my kid build a boat. We made it out of a gallon milk jug. Does that make it a gallon galleon? Anyway we have a huge sail and dh built a rudder for her, there's a flag at the top of the mast and cargo (I had buttons that look like silver coins and others with gold anchors on them). This morning I was tempted to write "Indy" on the back. LOL I can reference Hornblower in almost any context! (Incidentally, Hornblower was also the first program I ever watched got it...Jamie Bamber).

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