Monday, September 26, 2005

Jamie Bamber Droolfest - underway

My season one dvd's arrived. The first night I watched the sci-fi special, "The Lowdown", sort of a behind-the-scenes show. What's so great about that? Jamie with slightly longer hair, speaking in his native accent. Call me silly but that public school brit accent just turns me to jelly. Next, I watched the deleted scenes while I was ironing.

Saturday night dh wasn't in the mood for Jamie (I can't imagine why not) so we watched a movie - The Upside of Anger- which we both liked A LOT. But last night I was back and we watched the first two episodes of season one: "33" and "Water".

All Bambering aside, I am not a sci-fi genre fan but I love this series, and just about everything about it. I discovered it because I knew Jamie was in the mini series, but after the first ten minutes I was hooked (And he hadn't even appeared yet). If you get a chance, watch this amazing drama.

And if you're wondering who in the world Jamie Bamber is, then visit

In other news, my critique partners met each other at the M&B authors lunch last Friday. I have to say how weird that makes me feel. LOL It just seems funny that they met each other, when I haven't actually met EITHER of them. However it did not make me nervous as I'm sure they had much more interesting things to talk about than me. I spent the weekend insanely jealous and fantasizing about attending in the future. :-)

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