Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A good day

Today my youngest is playing at a friend's after school, which means I have until 3 p.m. ALL TO MYSELF.

This, people, is unprecedented.

I have so far finished up my third chapter of my WIP. Hooray for me! I have dabbled in a little more design work for my upcoming website. So lots accomplished this morning.

Unfortunately, I still have to scrub the floors and clean the bathtub. Ah, the glamour of it all!

The only thing that would make it better for me at this point is if the door bell rings and it's the postman bringing me my Battlestar Galactica First Season dvd's. Stay tuned for my Jamie Bamber droolfest schedule.

But first....polishing porcelain!


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  3. Polishing porclein...sounds like fun...NOT. LOL But hurray on all the other cool stuff!

  4. Did that yesterday Donna so I can soo relate...ugh! Good for you on the 'you' time and the three chapters!!