Friday, September 30, 2005

And the beat goes on....

I got my anniversary present a few weeks early.

This year it's our tenth and we wanted to actually give gifts, but money is tight. We were at Costco one day and they had student model flutes for under $200. I haven't played flute for 15 years, but there was a time back in the day that I was getting ready for auditions on that instrument for entering university. It has been so long since I played, I got really excited about the chance to do it again, and I didn't care if it wasn't a great instrument.

I mentioned it to our Music Director at church, whose husband just happens to be a musician and music director at a local high school. He happened to have a lovely instrument, just sitting around. So the deal was made - he tuned it up, and sold it to us for $100.

I got it last night at choir practice. We also had a flute and piano book there as I am accompanying our director's daughter in a few weeks. So I put it together, had the director play a bit of a song, and remembered wayyyy more than I thought I would.
It brings back lots of great memories. This morning I even recorded a track on my piano, for accompaniment, and played a bit.