Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What's new at the Zoo?

I've been writing, steam cleaning my carpets, and getting my kids off to school. My youngest had her first day ever today, and settled right in. Not surprising.

I have finally "really" finished my first draft - I got my last chapter back from my CP today and revised that chapter. Now it's on to the edits and polishing and oh yes, that dreaded thing we call the suckopsis.

I did a word count and found out I'm just over the minimum, which gives me about 5,000 words to play with for a scene I must add in, along with some bits of emotion and clarity. All told I'm guessing it'll come in at about 54K.

I am also looking forward to getting back into a regular routine again. I am a very regimented person, so despite the fact that I'll be making several trips to and from school (kindergarten's only half-day), the walks will do me good and I will have a set schedule.

Plans are already formulating for my next project- revising half of a book I've completed and sending it to Avalon.

And THAT is what's new at the zoo.


  1. I wonder, if the romance community united and refused to write synopses, would the editors go for it? :)

  2. Great job on getting it finished. revisions/ editing are so much fun, aren't they? I'm working on mine, which has been finished for quite a while,..hopefully when it's finished I can focus back on my other wip.

    How cool that you can walk to the school to pick up your kindergartener. Hey and that's good exercise too!!!

  3. Good for you Donna! Have the solution is just staying organized...you are waaayy ahead of me.