Monday, August 22, 2005

School's In!

The first week is over and school hours are finally consistent. What did I do this morning? Dropped my daughter off at Kindergarten, took a longer route and ran home, then for just over 2 hours buried myself in edits. No tv. No kids. Just...quiet. It was heaven.

Walked in the sunshine to pick up daughter from school, and she had a marvelous time. And I'll make the trek a third time to pick up eldest in...oh, less than 3 hours. Hard to mind the walk in gorgeous weather.

Should I feel guilty for being glad the kids are out of the house? No way. They are much happier in school - lots of friends, cool activities, strange toys, and time away from each other. They come home tired and happy to see each other. School is a miracle!


  1. LOL Donna...good for you! My jr K doesn't start until the end of the month.

  2. Hey Donna,I like the new blog!! This is liek the template I started with but then changed mine all up LOL

    I have the template for a blog similar to this,..broken down into where the numbers are for each color,...LOL I know this isn't making anysense. I took a blog,..then basically dissected it so that I could know where in the template different things were, for example, the colors for the side bar, links etc. If you want a copy let me know. Then all you have to do is find a color chart and put in your own colors. :-)