Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reading Sessions

Last night the church music director and I attended reading sessions. Basically you go, sing your little heart out for three hours, looking for potential arrangements for your choir, then order based on your selections and budget. (Which we will do after taking our "free" copies back to the choir and giving a few a test run!)

I was in heaven. We were handed a bag of arrangements - somewhere around the number of 60 I think. It's put on by a local business and their pianist is phenomenal - sight reads and gets it all right. Pepper Choplin, a leading composer in sacred choral arrangements, was our director and he was funny and simply amazing. I would guess there were maybe 150 of us, and even just sight reading it was like singing in this great, full, capable choir! You have to understand that our choir, when full, numbers about twelve. And I'm the only one who can read music. When faced with our limitations, we don't do half bad. Unfortunately it means it's hard for us to find music because we have to keep it pretty simple. Some of the arrangements last night were stunning but took some pretty intense sight reading. HARD.

Today I have another session. It's for more Junior Choir music, which we sometimes pick for our senior choir if it's easier and appropriate. I'm excited because I actually have a small budget to consider- I'm the pianist for the Jr. Choir too, so if I find something that excites me and the director approves I might actually be able to order it! My voice is a bit tired after last night's gymnastics, though, so I'm only slightly relieved the session is only an hour and a half.

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