Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So This Is Me - Gone Global

Being the techno idiot I am, I wanted to put this on my main page....but just getting it into a post was hard enough.

After all the grief I went through, it turned out being so stupidly simple I blushed with embarrassment.

Now for the "gone global" part of the post: had a very interesting "conversation" today with a woman I've never met. A multipublished author, she offered me FANTASTIC advice on a few topics....free of charge, of course!

I don't think I've mentioned that I've never met my critique partner in person either - yet she's probably the most important person in my writing sphere. In fact, my whole writing world is based in this 8' x 8' square I loosely call my "office" (technically it's a dining room, but it has a desk, credenza, filing cabinet, kid's table and chairs and a piano in it, LOL).

What's really amazing is the willingness, even enthusiasm, of the writing community to embrace and assist other writers with the journey to publication (and beyond). Quite often as writers we're isolated...I mean really, how many of us can go to a company party and talk about what we REALLY do without either raising eyebrows or putting people to sleep? No one understands writing and submitting and WAITING (yep, back to that again) like other writers. I have "friends" from just about every corner of the world, but can only put faces to a handful. That's the power of the www. That's the power of technology.

I can't imagine doing this without it. Even if I am a little slow figuring things out. :-)


  1. Nice picture! And yes, writing is a great team sport. I love hearing about everyone's progress....sympathizing on the lows and celebrating the highs. Good luck!

  2. Lovely picture Donna.

    Connecting with people of like minds is one of the great pluses of the age we live in.

  3. Sue Child10:39 a.m.

    Great blog, Donna. I hope you don't have to wait too much longer to hear. I agree no-one else understands the submitting and waiting process like other writers.

    Sue Child
    (suefromdevon from e-harl)
    Just started waiting again

  4. Hello pretty lady!!
    You've got bloggitis as well??

  5. Hey, share the info...how DID you get your pic up? I can't get mine to work!


  6. Yup, Erin did it...She was very nice, and the critique was not expensive. However, I know that if I re-send it, it will be a loooonnnng wait. How long was your Avalon ms? What category was it? Mine's a romantic comedy. Email me at stephaniebose at yahoo dot com if you have the time...


  7. I never met my cps in person until going to an RWA conference - and we were rooming together. Talk about being nervous. Now I miss the time without actually seeing them.

    Good job on posting the pic!