Monday, July 25, 2005


I'm stealing the title of Julie C's blog a week or so ago.

I just returned from vacation. I took along a notebook and my Donald Maass book and a backlist Harlequin Romance as "work". I got half way through the HR but never cracked the cover of my others. I was having too much fun relaxing. And I did a fabulous job of it!

We went to Salmon Arm, British Columbia and camped on the Shuswap Lake. It was so beautiful! The campground was packed but beyond the trains that ran directly behind us (I mean less than 200 yards!) it was so quiet. After the first night we never even noticed the trains! We pitched our tent and spent the majority of our time on the beach. I thought of Julie as there were lots of weeds this year after the pile of rain they've had. The kids loved swimming though and my husband and I had a blast rolling each other off of our air mattresses as we floated in the sun. If this works right, I'm putting in a picture of the view from my chair on the beach when we went for our evening swim on Wednesday.

We played minigolf and took out a canoe, and spent a morning visiting a family-run cheese maker (to-die-for gouda) and then on to a local vineyard. The scenery was spectacular. They opened up just for us and I tasted probably a half dozen wines before choosing three.

So now I'm back, trying to catch up on e-mails, banking, and laundry - and oh yeah, that pesky chapter. But I don't regret taking a whole week to think about nothing but sunscreen, premium ice cream and what to barbeque for supper.


  1. It looks beauuuutifulllllll!!!
    I'm glad you had a good vacation. I am going to stay in Cumbria with Anna for a few days next month. I will also be popping in to visit Michelle.

  2. Oh, that sounds wonderful! Love the picture. :)

  3. I'm majorly jealous! The scenery looks breathtaking.


  4. Hi Donna
    I just got back from Salmon Arm last week. Weird. Camped at Pierre's Point. How about you?

  5. Anonymous4:00 p.m.

    Hey Donna, in that picture from the vinery,(if it is the one at on Black Road) that's my house there in the top right hand corner, the one behind the tree. I am glad you enjoyed your stay in our neighborhood. Brenda